UPDATED: 16 JAN 2018 2017


Copies now avilable!


Masterclass for the Visually Impaired:

In January/February, I am running a workshop for Etch Empathy in which I am training six talented tellers to share stories more effectively.  

Non verbal communicators - mostly visual ones, such as gestures, facial expressions, visual aids - are all highly important to most of the tellers I know, so developing a non-visual will be a challenge for these participants.

Fortunately their other senses - particularly of humour and social justice - are very much alive and well, and it’s a privilege to hear them as they share their experiences.

This month  sees my project for the NATIONAL LIBRARY in association with the MOLLY BUS really pick up steam.

I and my team or tellers (Chuah Ai Lin and Alice Bianchi Clark) are sharing 40 sessions in kindergartens island-wide.

Together with Kalah Rajesh, a teller with  lots of  experience working with Special Needs kids, I am  presenting stories with puppets and drama, (20 sessions) as well as stories-with- craft (30 sessions)

I am also conducting Storytelling training for pre-school teachers in English and, in the capable hands of the wonderful Ti Siew Lian) in Mandarin.

Stories Through Art  

To date I and team of fellow tellers (Chuah Ai Lin, Shalni Doshi and Alice Bianchi-Clark), have conducted 36 sessions at the National Gallery for this exciting free programme for kids aged 5 - 12. At each 45 minute session we share stories inspired by one of six carefully selected art works - such as the National Language Class by Chua Mia Tee, left. Open to primary schools & community groups we still have almost 20 sessions to run as part of our year-long contract . ENQUIRY