I had great fun performing commedia dellárte with MARCO LULY and his wife LUCIANNA CODISPOTI in Singapore and Bangkok.
We were  delighted with the responses from each very diverse audience.

“I would like to say thank you for sharing with us your wonderful insights on storytelling just now at Woodlands Library. It was indeed a wonderful experience to be witnessing the way you told us stories and how we can make our telling better as early childhood teachers.” - Aminah, 11 May 2018

Thank you so much for the storytelling session! Really inspiring! Could we have the slides so that we can share with our fellow educators? Aishah, MyFirst Skool

Thanks much for the wonderful stories at Geylang East library - Meena

Enjoyed myself very much and went back to school on the very next day to share with my children the stories you shared, they loved it! - Poh Lin, PCF

Thank you for the very interactive and engaging session. Would appreciate having a copy of the slides so that we may share them with our teachers.- Adeline Koh, Vice-Principal, PCF

It was a treat to co-share with you today! Thank you! Everyone at Singapore Polytechnic was super engaged by your sharing.- Rachel Ong, Chief Executive, ROHEI

My latest Story Video

I was in Bali with Marco Luly and Lucianna Codispoti rehearsing for our commedia dell’arte performances in July (see below), and one evening recording this Balinese folktale.

The story of  Princess Dewi Ratih and the monster Kala Rahu is a popular theme in Balinese painting. It is a great example of how people used story to explain strange natural phenomena in the days before we had telescopes and scientific understanding of our universe.

Talking Stories

is a radio show run by Tony Cranston in London dedicated to the world of stories and I’m interviewed in this month’s edition and tell a fun story too. Listen here