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2017 is my 39th year in Singapore and as always, nothing stays the same and the changes keep on coming!

I’m honoured that the National Arts Council has promoted me onto the ENHANCED ARTS EDUCATION PROGRAMME - I am the first individual in the literary arts to be given this privilege. It enables me to tailor programmes (or devise new ones) to suit a school’s needs and to submit the proposal for approval, without having to wait for the biennial submission process to come around. Thanks to the quality of my track record, and the trainers I have worked with, the NAC expects to approve any submissions very rapidly indeed.

March 31st:  I am delighted that, in order to manage the 398.2 Storytelling Festival and continue its development into a sustainable, eagerly anticipated event on the annual Singapore arts calendar, the STORY CONNECTION LTD, a non profit company limited by guarantee, was incorporated on this day with the help of fellow storyteller SHEILA WEE as my co-Director.  

Sheila has an exceptional  cv of storytelling performances and workshops to the Festival and, given her experience performing in Festivals here and internationally, she has so much to offer in terms of developing the 398.2’s content and delivery.  As she is currently the President of the Storytelling Association of Singapore - an organisation we both helped to found over 10 years ago - Sheila will also help to broaden the Festival’s talent pool. That’s another reason why this year’s Festival will be larger than in 2016.



Good news for teachers and parents looking for copies of the Drama Toolkit for P1 or P2 (both the Teacher and Pupil editions).  

Copies are available from Hodder Education, who bought over Pearson (my original publisher)  Please contact me for details and I will put you in touch with the rep in charge.

Stories Through Art

The National Gallery has appointed me to run this exciting free programme for kids aged 5 - 12 for the year . At each 45 minute session I, or one of my team (Chuah Ai Lin, Shalni Doshi and Alice Bianchi-Clark), will share stories inspired by one of six carefully selected art works - such as the National Language Class by Chua Mia Tee  above. Open to primary schools & community groups. ENQUIRY