UPDATED: 18 MAY 2018


Children’s Festival in Kuching, Sarawak.

In April I spent a most enjoyable week in Kuchjing and Miri telling stories at the State Libraries in both towns as part of the Jom Baca celebrations - a 10 minute shared reading programme that brought Sarawak almost to a standstill one Wednesday morning!

It was fun to re-connect with Seung-ah, Richard Vilar (from Philippines) and Nor Azhar Ishak (Malaysia) and we hope to develop our relationship with the excellent State Library in Kuching, which surely has one of the most beautiful settings for a library - set in rolling grounds beside a tranquil lake.

In Miri we stayed in a perfectly palatial semi-d, courtesy of airbnb, and enjoyed not only good company with Yit Ping (the tour organiser) and her friends, but also had fun making kimchi under Seung-ah’s jolly supervision!

Currently I’m busy working with Sheila Wee on preparing the inaugural Conference for FEAST, the Federation of Asian Storytellers.

The Conference will be on 23 November, followed by a day of workshops led by Dr Margaret Read MacDonald (and organised by Storytelling Association Singapore) . On the 25 November the 398.2 Storytelling Festival returns, which will everyone a chance to see many of the visiting storytellers from around the region in action alongside your favourite Singaporean storytellers.

“I would like to say thank you for sharing with us your wonderful insights on storytelling just now at Woodlands Library. It was indeed a wonderful experience to be witnessing the way you told us stories and how we can make our telling better as early childhood teachers.” - Aminah, 11 May 2018

Thank you so much for the storytelling session! Really inspiring! Could we have the slides so that we can share with our fellow educators? Aishah, MyFirst Skool

Thanks much for the wonderful stories at Geylang East library - Meena

Thank you for the very interactive and engaging session. Would appreciate having a copy of the slides so that we may share them with our teachers.- Adeline Koh, Vice-Principal, PCF