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UPDATED: 11 FEB 2017

Thank you everyone who helped to make the second run of the 398.2 Storytelling Festival a most enjoyable event and a great success!

Key numbers are

The power of future Storytelling

2017is my 39th year in Singapore and as always, nothing stays the same and the changes keep on coming!

I’m honoured that the National Arts Council has promoted me onto the ENHANCED ARTS EDUCATION PROGRAMME - I am the first individual in the literary arts to be given this privilege. It enables me to tailor programmes (or devise new ones) to suit a school’s needs and to submit the proposal for approval, without having to wait for the biennial submission process to come around. Thanks to the quality of my track record, and the trainers I have worked with, the NAC expects to approve any submissions very rapidly indeed.

After the success of the second run of the 398.2 Storytelling Festival  last Nov/ec I am working to put the Festival on a more permanent footing and hope to announce plans fairly soon.