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398.2 Storytelling Festival

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The 398.2 Storytellling Festival is an independent, non-profit community initiative founded by Roger Jenkins  and managed by STORY CONNECTION LTD

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The 398.2 Festival returns on

19 November 2017 : Central Library

25 November 2017:  Our Tampines Hub

with two full days of storytelling by more than 20 storytellers drawn from Singapore, plus Jeeva Raghunath (India) and Jen and Nat Whitman (USA)

In order to manage the Festival and continue its development into a sustainable, eagerly anticipated event on the annual Singapore arts calendar, I have set up STORY CONNECTION LTD, a non profit company limited by guarantee, with the help of fellow storyteller SHEILA WEE as my co-Director.  

Sheila has an exceptional  cv of storytelling performances and workshops to the Festival and, given her experience performing in Festivals here and internationally, she has so much to offer in terms of developing the 398.2’s content and delivery.  As she is currently the President of the Storytelling Association of Singapore - an organisation we both helped to found over 10 years ago - Sheila will also help to broaden the Festival’s talent pool.  That’s another reason why this year’s Festival will be larger than in 2016.

Operating as a company limited by guarantee, we believe the increased transparency and legal responsibilities will facilitate the Festival’s growth and enable us to find more funding and organisational support.  

Storytelling is enjoying an exciting renaissance in many parts of the world, including Asia. Besides Singapore, there are already annual festivals in Jakarta,  Penang, Chennai, Bangkok, KL, Sarawak and Bangalore - indeed this we hope to arrange our first teller exchange with Bangalore as their dates are usually similar to ours.  Sheila and I are both heavily involved in the planning for a Federation of Asian Storytellers  (FEAST) which we hope to see launched in 2018. It will support practitioners in the region while promoting the art of storytelling and inter-cultural collaboration between tellers.