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From the day I first began telling, my focus has been on telling Asian stories, to share their wit and wisdom - that’s what the two characters in my masthead mean.  

China, Japan, Thailand and India are the source for the lion’s share of the tales, but I love sharing stories from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Korea, Cambodia and Vietnam.  

After I announce I’m going to tell a story from one of these countries, it’s always special when a member of the audience sticks their hand up and says ‘That’s where I come from!’  There’s a sense of belonging and validation - and sometimes wonderment (how do you know a story from my country?!”)

I decided to do this, not because I feel ‘Asian wisdom’ (whatever that might be!) is better than western, but because I feel our kids here in Singapore get so much exposure to Disney, Nickelodeon, Hollywood, that they deserve (nay need!) To hear different stories, different voices.