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Love You Forever by Robert Munsch  a marvellous book for parents to share with their kids - I can’t tell it without tearing up, so be warned! A must for Dads to read Listen to Mr Munsch tell it  Click here for all his other audio recordings

Hugh Lupton tells The Stange Visitor - a great jump story, with possibility of participation on the the refrain (too much water, too little meat) 6 minutes

3 little pigs.mp3

Clic the pic to play

I love this song! A rocking blues version of THE THREE LITTLE PIGS!  Very clear lyrics. Great fun!

JOHA MAKES A WISH - a traditional middle-eastern tale re-told and read by Eric Kimmel (accompanied by illustrations from the book).

Shingebiss & the North Wind

told by Fran Stallings.

A powerful native American tale
of a young woman who stands up to,
and defeats, the cruel North Wind.

Fran, who generously gave me a copy of her CD, (Travelling Tales  Vol 1) accompanies this with a magical, hypnotic strumming of the autoharp  (in the distinctive 3-beat rhythm of the native American) throughout, and there’s a four-line song that recurs too, etching its way into your memory.

And the hissed voice she gives the North Wind - goose bump time!

This is one
of the top three storytelling performances
that I have ever heard.

shingebiss fran Stallings.wma