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Take a look
at these sensational
fairytale toy-houses
that kids can assemble themselves.

Beautifully designed and crafted,
full of lots of fun details
to stimulate children to make their own
imaginative re-tellings of the stories.

Thanks to a storytelling friend in the US
who told me about them, I’ve picked up
several sets - both for my own use
and for pre-schools and parents
eager to get a set for their children.

I have both the Goldilocks
and Hansel and Gretel houses to sell, brand new, unopened boxes.
(There’s also a 3 Little Pigs set, but the design didn’t appeal to  me as much,
so I don’t have it in stock.)

 On Amazon UK
they are selling for GBP 74.59
- and that’s if they’re in stock
only 3 sets of Goldilocks as at 7/6/15,

and Hansel is not available).

Thanks to my friend and VPOSTUSA,

I am selling for S$85 each
not including postage

(I assume you’ll collect.)

Goldilocks & the

Three Bears


& Gretel

and their delicious gingerbread house!

To order

please call 9176-1499

or email me