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International comment

Stories make us more alive,
 more human,

more courageous, more loving.

Madeleine L'Engle

“We really loved getting a taste of your superb storytelling at the Scottish Storytelling Centre” - Elspeth Murray, Puppet State Theatre Co. (April 2009)

“Thanks again for the fantastic story telling! The children and teachers really enjoyed your performance.  We hope you will be able to visit our school again in the future. I will recommend you to my friends who work at other schools in Singapore also.” -  Sarah, Overseas Family School, Singapore (March 2009)

“Your World Storytelling performance was amazing, entertaining and motivational- Katy Morrison, Elementary  Vice Principal, Canadian International School, Singapore. (Feb 2009)

Yew Chung International, Beijing:  though it was zero degrees outside, I had a wonderfully warm reception by Paula Phipps and all the primary classes. After a day of storytelling, I also did a workshop with each year level - the Yr 4’s work on Yuuki and the Tidal Wave was particularly rich, while the P2’s created some wonderful storyboard adventures based on fairground and building-site pictures. To quote their newsletter:  What excitement there was last week! Roger Jenkins, professional storyteller from .Singapore, spent three days at the school and the Primary students had a wonderful time with fun activities, events and competitions. Each group had a special performance by Roger and many students were also able to take part in story workshops. There was a parent workshop too and those who were able to come enjoyed learning about how to use stories to develop their child’s learning at home. The staff was treated to their own workshop and had a great time learning different ways to present stories without books. Many teachers have tried different ideas in class already. Robyn Hamilton, Primary Coordinator