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PEARL TVB documentary on my work as a storyteller in Hong Kong  (6 minutes)  Watch videos of Hong Kong students telling stories as part of my workshop here

I offer intensive programmes to both teachers and students in secondary schools in line with the government’s desire to boost confidence and competence in spoken English.  

For teachers:

For students

There is a high degree of active participation in all my courses,  making them entertaining as well as informative and practical.

In order to maximise my time - and minimise the overheads of my being in Hong Kong - my courses need to be scheduled intensively over 2-3 days (except where I am working with several classes: in 2009 I spent two weeks in a school offering 6 storytelling workshops to five F1 classes plus the English department, for a total of 60 hours over 10 days.)

The China Daily feature story on my work and Hong Kong students reactions to it.

Young Post articles in 2007 and 2010

Hong Kong student storytellers

Hong Kong