Updated 19 DEC 2021

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Not Just At Bedtime
- a 2 hour video for parents and anyone who wants to bond with their audience through storytelling.  

Listen to the latest edition of the Story Wok on your favourite podcast channel. Six of us collaborate in the creation of this monthly podcast which began in March 2021, rotating the producer role in a programme which shares stories and tips from tellers .

Roger’s introduction to the Story Wok

story wok intro ver 3 mp3.mp3

The Story Stream, a pay-per-view story video resource for schools and parents now has over 80 stories in its catalogue, with videos grouped in four bands of age-appropriateness from pre-school to secondary. It is a cost-effective option during covid for you to enjoy quality storytelling..

Developed with the support of the NAC’s Digitisation Project Grant, 7 of Singapore’s most experienced tellers - Jumaini Ariff, Karen Lee, Kalah Rajesh, Rani Kanna, Sheila Wee and Wong Swee Yean and myself - have collaborated to provide this library of mostly Asian folklore (including some stories im Mother Tongue). You can search by age-level, theme or teller. The stoiry Stream is NAC Arts Education Programme endorsed, and so school views are eligible for Totalisator Board subsidy.  

29 December 7.30pmSGT

$5 members /


23 & 24 December 2.30 + 3.30pm

Join me for a live and exciting storytelling programme inspired by Raden Saleh’s imposing FOREST FIRE

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