How the Years Were Named

This is the first time I’ve used the kamishibai cards presenting them in a proper kamishibai stage frame.  

This one comes from Germany and the model I purchased comes with two wooden spindles behind the folding doors, so one has the option of putting a long roll of paper on the left spindle and unwinding a story (moving images!) onto the right spindle.  

Thoughtfully they also provide a wooden spacer, to raise up your cards if they are not exactly the A3 size (as I discovered, mine aren’t!)

It’s well made and despite feeling very solid, it’s surprisingly light to carry around. But it is bulky! (So I’m looking for a suitable bag to carry it.)


This is the traditional frame. It’s designed for A3-sized cards. In the US  it retails at US$175 (and that’s before postage!)

It folds into a neat box (see photo below) like a wooden briefcase!

I discovered the advantages of using the frame are:

However, sitting at the side means you are not able to read the text printed on the back of the kamishibai cards. As a teller, that’s not a problem for me personally, but if you are not confident of the story, it might be!  However, my advice would be: trust the pictures! They will remind you of what comes next and you will find your own words to tell the story!

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