GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU - Sam McBratney.  A classic bedtime story!


 The zookeeper has no idea what’s going on behind him (just like Rosie the hen!) And the Gorilla isn’t scary but a friendly, mischievous character!

BIGGER THAN DADDY - Harriet Zeifert

A father/son story in an action-packed day!

KidsREAD is a wonderful community/volunteer led programme of Singapore’s National Library Board for kids aged 4-8.

In  2014 (KidsRead’s 10th Anniversary) the NLB appointed me to record all 200 titles in its catalogue of books. Naturally I didn’t record them all personally!  I invited my good friends Chuah Ai Lin, Shalni Doshi and Mariah Zainal  - all experienced storytellers - to help me.  This not only provides variety, but enables the volunteers (and parents, kindergarten teachers too!) to see (and hear) how different readers approach the challenge of reading aloud. For example, Mariah is naturally bubbly and exuberant, while Shalni is more Motherly - warm yet more restrained. We hope you’ll find a style with which you are comfortable, yet will give you ideas that help you to read aloud to your kids more effectively.

The range of the books in the KidsREAD catalogue is, in my opinion, outstanding! It was a real pleasure to do the recordings, as it introduced me to many excellent books which I’m now sharing with friends , schools and in my library sessions. Enjoy!

ROSIE’S WALK - Pat Hutchings.  

Rosie the hen has no idea what’s going on behind her (the fox is in pursuit but never quite catches her!)

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