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OUT OF THE WAY! OUT OF THE WAY! by Uma Krishnawami.

Tulika Press is an Indian publishing house and (especially if you are in India!) are unbelievably good value (S$3-$4 for beautiful full-colour paperbacks)  A must read about trees, conservation - and the power of story.

 FLOOD by Alvaro F Villa - a wordless book! Why use a wordless in a reading programme?! Watch the video and find out!

(Note: the story has nothing to do with the Biblical flood, and all to do with climate change)  Look for other wordless books in the KidsRead catalogue: The Window (beautifully shared by Chuah Ai Lin) and Chalk.

THE DARK by Lemony Snickert
with illustrations by Jon Klassen.  

One of those books that make the kidsREAD selection outstanding. This one reaches out into unexpected corners and kids’ fear of ... the dark. I brought this home and shared it with my son (11 at the time) and he loved it.

DON’T FORGET THE BACON! by Pat Hutchins.

This text works as a great piece of ‘choral poetry’ too! Make sure you speak clearly as caKe becomes caPe etc