All great literature

is one of two stories: a man goes

on a journey

or a stranger

comes to town.

Leo Tolstoy

Story Quote


The ROOKIE ADULT workshop is a 2.5hr session designed to develop your skills as a storyteller in whatever role - parent, teacher, counsellor, grassroots leader . . .  No prior experience is necessary. You will hear some good stories told in a variety of ways, before practising your own storytelling skills.  We’ll look at how you can tailor your telling to suit the audience/occasion and where you can find suitable stories (hint: we’re in a library!)

The ADULT MASTERCLASS runs four sessions 9of two-hours each) and builds on the akills introduced in the Rookie session (It’s OK to register without having taken the Rookie session, but it’s better if you have!)

In session 1, I focus on voice and different ways of telling. I seek to find out why participants want to tell, and to whom. I ask them to reflect on their skill sets which they might work into their telling - singing, drawing, making handicraft, playing an instrument/percussion, magic, balloon sculpting, rapping, dance, juggling, rope tricks, writing poetry, riddling . . . Any of these things could be incorporated into their telling.

In a recent class, there was a woman whose hobbies were stamps and coins - what a great source of stories! Stamps and coins are often issued to commemorate remarkable individuals or special events or places.  

We love our food here, don’t we, so this could be a story about your favourite local delights – or comparing them with other local delights you’ve sampled on your travels. And there are so many stories that feature food too – often with a message about greed or sharing as the two most important take-aways (bwesisdes the pizza!)

The CHILDRENS workshop runs 2hrs and is intended for primary school kids (ages 7 - 12). It has a similar objective, sharing age-appropriate stories before focusing on ways to remember stories and how to share them in an engaging way, through use of voice, gesture and facial expression.  Please note it is not a storytelling session per se – though of course, I will tell some stories along the way!


Thank you so much for sharing wonderful tips of  telling a story with much zeal and skills. Today, I applied what I have learnt from you the tapping, clapping and snapping way of telling "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?" and my K2 children and I had so much fun!

Wong May Lin,
Bishan rookie workshop March/2015

I had an amazing time

at your workshop yesterday.  

What a lovely way to start the weekend.  I truly enjoyed how you led us through stories of stories and practised in such fun ways that many adults have
long forgotten.

Catherine Lau,

Assistant Chief Executive, National Library Board

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