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MoE Teachers Say

The power of story is never stronger than when it lives on the breath
of those
from whom it came.

Gayle Ross,

Cherokee storyteller

Feedback gathered by the Ministry of Education

from Singaporean teachers about my course:

  1. Roger is a great story teller.  I’ve enjoyed myself so much.  One of the best courses I’ve ever attended in my 10 years of teaching.
  2. Good creative style of telling stories.
  3. Excellent strategies, stories.  I enjoyed it tremendously.  Learnt a lot.
  4. Excellent presentation and teaching tips for teachers.  Trainer is such a pro in this field.  Great course!!!!!!  Wouldn’t mind if it were to last for another 4 weeks.
  5. Practical and easy to remember.  Can be used for different age group audience.  Highly recommended.
  6. Lots of examples given and useful techniques.  Excellent.
  7. Funny, entertaining, not bored in learning/teaching us.  Impart good and useful methods and knowledge to classroom.
  8. Relevant to current trend (teaching creatively).  Entertaining trainer who really has many innovative ways of teaching language skills and obviously has passion in story telling.
  9. Roger is a natural storyteller.  The strategies taught can make classroom teaching more interesting and alive.
  10. Roger is the best storyteller and director.
  11. Humour in the story.  Wisdom and universal values can be learnt from stories.  Vocabulary and sentence patterns can be built up by stories.