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A collection of stories told in a rich variety of ways

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Other Tellers’ Tales

Watching other tellers in action is one of the best ways (and certainly a very enjoyable one!) to get ideas and to enrich your own repertoire.

I learnt so much from being involved with the Asian Congress of Storytellers in the early years of the millennium and being able to tell alongside Margaret Reaqd MacDonald, Cathy Spagnoli, Bobby & Sherri Norfolk, Linda Fang, Dianne Ferlatte, Dan Yashinsky, Eth-Noh-Tech and Jeeva Raghunath.

Given the extremely high cost of the current Singapore Storytelling Festival, I recommend budding tellers to go to PINKS in Penang (usually the 1st or 2nd week of November) as it’s a very friendly, intimate festival with a strong line-up of tellers. For info contact.