Bring toys to life: make up a story starring your child's favorite toy

Family albums speak volumes for a family's history. Find a special photo and tell the story of the day the picture was taken. What was the weather like the day you brought baby home from hospital? Do you remember your excitement the first time you rode the Ferris wheel? Or, ask the child to make up the story that they think accompanies the photo.

Folktales are made for telling.  Read folktales from around the world or share folktales which are significant to your heritage.

Re-tell the story in your own words.   Even classics such as Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella can be told with your own "voice" and your own ending.

Twist a tale: set a classic tale in modern times or locally. Little Red Samfoo took the MRT to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve … Or, retell a story from another character's point of view. What if Grandma tells the story of the day the wolf came for lunch? Use a puppet to tell?)

Elaborate and exaggerate: Have fun with the story and elaborate with dramatic facial expressions and different voices. Imagine what happens next:  

Continue a story after the last page. What really happens after the prince gives Sleeping Beauty a kiss?


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