What people say about me . . .

Hi  Roger, – am halfway through the book for Juniors and I LOVE it!  I can just hear your voice telling them, and see you widen your eyes or scrunch up your face to emphasise a point!  And I like the teaching points, and suggestions for how to tell it. “  Pat Sharma

Stories For Moral Education

Roger is a great story teller.  I’ve enjoyed myself so much.  One of  the best courses I’ve ever attended in my 10 years of teaching


Teaching workshop

Thank you so much for all your hard work this week. Your workshops were stimulating, fun and meaningful for the children. You were a hit with both students and teachers - Siobhan Roulston, Librarian, Garden International,KL, 2/2013


International Residency

We love his stories


What People Say

The artist paints it,

the writer describes it, the scientist explains it, the Storyteller says
"It was sunrise!"

And everyone sees it their way.

- anon

Story Quote

Thanks so much for conducting such valuable sessions with the Secondary students ... We particularly like the fact that you are very much a teacher as well as a storyteller – we all said we were impressed with your classroom management!  A Marriott, HOD English (Secondary) Singapore International School, Hong Kong  (Sept 2012)

I loved watching you tell stories at your 398.2 Festival. You are so relaxed as a teller and yet still so precise as a  performer Cassandra Wye, UK storyteller, 2018