Large crowd of noisy kids outdoors - no problem!

45 minute Keynote for 500 HDB (from CEO to front line staff) - no problem!

40 engineering  students (Xian University) for 6 hours in a day - no problem!

It is the duty of the present to convey

the voices of the past

to the ears of the future.

(a Norwegian saying)

thanks to Richard Martin

Story Quote

I am happy to tailor my content to suit your audience and occasion. Unlike the theatre, a storytelling performance is readily adaptable to suit the group, the venue, the occasion.  I’ve told stories


If you’d like an idea of the diversity of shows I can perform, look through the pages here.  They include:

* actually the V in my name is Vaughan, from the poet Henry Vaughan, who was born just outside Brecon, birthplace of my parents.

V is for variety*

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