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Penang International

Kids Storytelling Festival

2014 was the 3rd time I’ve been invited to participate at the PINKS Festival (and this was its 5th year.) It’s delightful to see how the Festival has grown from strength to strength.

Look at the line-up of tellers! Established stars like Jeeva (India) Beatriz (Spain) and the Whitmans (USA) and rising stars like the wildly popular Uncle Fat (Taiwan) and the delightful Alicia Djongjoo (Korea) telling alongside a host of Malaysian tellers, including the ever-reliable Mama Tok and irrepressible Suraya.

I strongly recommend this Festival.  It’s a bargain!

For anyone interested in storytelling in Singapore,

why splash mega-bucks of the SISF? Instead, fly budget to Penang, enjoy a superb Saturday of storytelling,  have some yummy Penang seafood, take two workshops on the Sunday morning and (with the money you’ve saved on the whopping Singapore congress fees!!), do some serious shopping at Malaysian ringgit prices before you fly home!

PINKS 2014

It’s become a tradition at PINKS that we end the day with a final story told by all the tellers, who usually add something of their own culture (and language!) into the telling. Enjoy STONE SOUP as you’ve never heard it told before!!