The 398.2 Storytellling Festival is an independent, non-profit community initiative founded by Roger Jenkins

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398.2 Storytelling Festival

Umbrellas & Noodles

a puppetry show by The Puppetellers

with Frankie Malachi & Roger Jenkins

Frankie Malachi is a wonderful award-winning puppeteer who has been flying the Singapore flag at many international festivals thanks to his delightful puppets (which he designs/builds) and his deft animation which brings them to life.  We met at a CC event in 2012 and admired each other’s work, so we thought it would be great to combine his puppets with my stories!

In this show, we take stories from my book STORIES FOR MORAL EDUCATION - JUNIORS and dramatise them with the help of Frankie’s friends!  It’s highly interactive!

Puppetry Workshop

Learn the basics of puppetry - for pupils and teachers!

For Pupils:

For Teachers:

Puppetry purchase

Looking to start/build up your school’s puppetry resources? Let me help!

I have helped several schools (Henry Park, CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel) acquire good collections of puppets which they can use in their classroom teaching - expressive puppets that kids love to get their hands inside (I don’t recommend string puppets/marionettes, unless you have a place to hang them, otherwise you’ll be forever untangling them!)  There are many brands available on the market, and I’m happy to share my experience in which are better at animals and who scores for people/characters.  

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