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Where are you going, Red Riding Hood?  is a 60 minute interactive fairytale performed by four actors with a LOT of help from the audience - including 7 key characters who are selected minutes before show time and dressed in lovely costumes.

The audience helps to create a forest (a friendly and a scary one!) a tunnel, a waterfall, a castle (with a drawbridge and a secret door) and a maze.

Along the way, Little Red gets mistaken for Alice, Dorothy, Rapunzel, Snow White, Hermione, Cinderella, Mulan . . . and kids enjoy sleuthing the references as they occur!  

Where Are You Going?

“Loved your  improvised theatre  for kids at the  Singapore Writers' Festival  (Little Red Riding Hood).  Looking forward to catching u again at a public performance.”  Lee Sui LynnEnquiry

The photos in the gallery were taken at a performance at Bukit Panjang Primary School (Oct 2015), where we performed for each P2 class one at a time.  This gave every child several opportunities to be involved in the drama and was hugely enjoyable for the kids as a result. Teachers were given a camera and shot about 70 frames per show, which were then edited into a slideshow as a souvenir for each class.

The videos below are from two different performances in the Singapore Writers Festival 2011, and show the highly participatory nature of the performance and how much fun is generated by (and for!) the child volunteer actors!