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NOT JUST AT BEDTIME gives you over TWO HOURS of entertaining and highly practical HD video. You will

Storytelling is definitely NOT just a bedtime activity - and after watching this video, you’ll understand what kind of stories you could tell (and why!) at meals, in the kitchen and on holiday too!

STORIES FOR MORAL EDUCATION (JUNIORS) will give you a wonderful resource of over 80, mostly traditional, stories that you will love sharing with your child  with the intention not only of entertaining, but also imparting values such as kindness, honesty, compassion, teamwork, sharing, gratitude and doing the right thing.

Drawn from many countries and cultures, they demonstrate that these core values are universal, no matter where you travel.  There are 55 main stories that come with tips on the telling, as well as suggestions for further discussion, and there are another 30 or so very short tales (some are simple story-form jokes!) which might take no more than a minute to tell but which also make a memorable point.  

There are also lots of proverbs and sayings too, making the book a feature-rich resource.

(If you would prefer to have the TEENS version of the book instead, do highlight this in a message when you pay by paypal

If you want to order both books and get the video, take the Storyteller Grand offer at the bottom of the Orders page!





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