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People did not wait
until there was writing before they told stories and sang songs.

— Albert Bates Lord

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Timeless Tales

A 30 minute assembly that I will customise to be age-appropriate. Popular themes are your school values (but especially integrity, co-operation, teamwork, excellence) Racial Harmony/International Friendship Day, SGEM …

$500   NAC-AEP Tote Board eligible

Where Are You Going, Red Riding Hood?

She’s grown up - but still facing all sorts of problems as she goes to see her Grandma! 4 actors aided by 6 pupils (selected minutes before show time), create this highly interactive drama with the audience’s help!

$1,200   60 mins

Talking Body Language

1 actor, 12 masks, a good message and a lot of laughs! The Masks entertain (the students recognise the character types) while helping to make an abstract idea very concrete - that the way we behave affects the way we respond to us.

$550 (30 min version) $600 (45 min w/ student participation)

NAC-AEP Tote Board eligible

Why and How? Tales of How Things Came To Be

Why do dogs chase cars? Why is the sky so far away? How did the durian get its smell? Come and hear me share pourquoi stories from around the world — and you can help me create our very own original story!

$500   30 - 40 mins