The story dice are a beautifully simple idea for starting a story with 9 random ingredients, courtesy of 9 dice. Shake, rattle, roll - and tell!

The proprietary version retails for at least $16.99 in Singapore.  My home-made version uses larger dice (22mm)  and I’ve colour-coded them - this not only makes them prettier (in my opinion!) than the original all-white ones, but teachers will appreciate that the colours identify the four core ingredients of story-making: Purple (Characters) Green (Settings) Red (Crisis) and Yellow (Events)

Instant fun!

I’ve had the icon labels professionally printed (by the company that produces my books, Stories for Moral Education) so they won’t fade or peel off easily.

The dice are only available ($18) to participants attending my workshops or performances (that is why there is no postage option!) and they are offered solely as a service to teachers/parents keen to promote the art of storytelling in their classrooms and homes.  Do let me know if you’d like a set, and I’ll make sure I bring one for you to your workshop or performance.

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