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Open the box to discover texts for some of my favourite tales which I love to tell

Stories for the Young

Asian folktales

Diverse Tales including

Stories For Moral Education

Two popular teacher resource books packed with terrific (mostly traditional) tales with tips and lesson ideas and a CD-ROM with videos of me telling and talking about telling.

Junior - $36 Teens  - $36  BOTH: SG50  SPECIAL!

Here you will find my books, DVDS and a selection of visual aids that I find very useful in bringing stories alive (especially in the classroom or when telling to the very young)

Finger Puppets

Cute, vibrantly coloured and surprisingly detailed handmade in PERU  

10 for $20    30 for $45   

40 for $60

The Drama Toolkit

P1 & P2 Stellar English teachers love these detailed guides full of simple drama activities to 15 of each of the books on the Stellar reading list. Comes with a CD-ROM of me telling related stories too!



Kamishibai STAGE

($100 less than US!)

$45 for 1 set +$12 delivery

8 sets $310 + free delivery

From the Belly Of The Carp

Winner of the 1995 Singapore Literature Prize, this splendidly evocative portrait of Singapore has been re-printed and issued with a DVD of the author (me!) reading/performing 28 of the dramatic monologues.

$25 (including DVD  and p&p)

Story Felts

Colourful, vibrant images to help you (and your class!) sequence your stories

$18 for one, $45 for three!

Story Dice

A fabulous, fast and fun way to get you (or your kids!) making up stories. My dice are larger and colour-coded


Don’t Eat Your Little Sister

My first DVD. Seven of my favourite tales including the title track, The Tailor, and the Uwabami with its three beautiful masks!



Over TWO HOURS of videos (on an 8GB USB thumb drive that comes tucked in a cute finger puppet) sharing TALES & TIPS on how to tell stories more effectively to your kids


Spirit of Commedia

Made with commedia dell’arte veterans  MARCO LULY and LUCIANA CODISPOTI this film is a fascinating and very accessible introduction to the art, for theatre students