I heard Doug Lipmann share a terrific story from the Jewish tradition about a student who is seeking to defer his court hearing in order that a famous Rabbi can come and speak on his behalf.

What’s so special about this Rabbi that I need to hear his testimonial? asks the Judge.

The defence lawyer tells him how the Rabbi first of all rescued a destitute man and then forgave him when he caught the man in the act of stealing his heavy silver plate. (‘Don’t run, yells the Rabbi. You can keep the plate - but don’t run. You might fall and hurt yourself!’)

Bah, sneers the Judge, that’s just a story! I don’t believe it!

Between you and me, Your Honour, confides the lawyer, neither do I. But the point is, Your Honour, nobody tells stories like that about me - nor indeed, about you, Your Honour!

The lawyer got the deferment, the Rabbi vouched for the accused and the Judge dismissed the case.

What kind of stories do
people tell about you?

Who’s the teacher here?


Students Say . . .

Darren Pacey, HOD English (Secondary)

at Garden International School KL,

writing in the GIS newsletter  (March 2013)

“Students throughout the school worked with visiting Singaporean storyteller Roger Jenkins to explore the power of storytelling, sessions which are best summed up by this response from Year 10 student Joy Ve Wong :

My friends and I (everyone you’ve told stories to, actually) just wanted to say thank you so much for coming over and making our day A LOT more interesting than normal school days!!  Your stories were soooo good and the way you told them was… wow. We went home and told our siblings and relatives your stories and they loved it all!  We hope you come again – you were legendary.”