With more than 200 performances in schools since its debut in the 1996 Arts Education Programme,  this show vividly succeeds in showing students that the way they present themselves plays an important part in how  people (eg future employers, colleagues!) will respond  to them.

Deftly switching in and out of a dozen Masks during the performance, Roger demonstrates in a comic and highly effective manner that

Our attitudes, our demeanour and our behaviour are all critical factors

in contributing to our success and happiness.  

Alongside the masks, Roger incorporates stories designed to reinforce the message that this could happen to the audience – that they do have control over how they interact with people and how they can influence the way people react with them.  

You have a choice between :  the regular 30 minute version  an extended  45 minute version that includes an interactive segment in which  6 students join me on stage for a win-win session with the masks.  Students love it!

I also offer a MASK WORKSHOP for secondary students and up (most recently at Tanah Merah Prison for six months in 2014. The inmates creativity made it a highly enjoyable and successful project!)

I can offer both full masks (as pictures here) or with commedia inspired half-masks. Details


Talking Body Language

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