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Enjoy traditional stories (on a theme of your choice) told by one of Singapore’s most popular and entertaining professional storytellers.  Depending on the age/size of the audience I tell in different ways.

Popular themes :

The story selection (and my style of telling) varies according to the age of your audience.

I also offer STORYTELLING WORKSHOPS for primary, secondary, JC & ITE students.

Storytelling for JC? Of course - when you apply for a job, when you chase funding for your app, you’re going to have to tell a story!  

When the interviewer asks, ‘Tell me about yourself?’, what story will you tell? (My life’s boring …)

Each course - the content and the objectives - is tailored for you school, your kids.



Storytelling is NOT reading! It’s a very dynamic interaction with the audience, involving a lively voice, expressive face and a lot of body language/gesture to really engage the student imagination!



at all levels

from lower primary

through secondary

to ITE

Timeless Tales

Thank you for the most
engaging sessions!

The students enjoyed the stories on integrity and perseverance tremendously.

Nur Idrawaty Nan Hua High School