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Cynthia Zhai is a Singapore-based voice coach so I’m sharing a couple of her videos on Voice Projection just to get you started!


Several physical factors affect projection but often I think the fundamental issue is to do with confidence and being comfortable with being heard.   


One of the most common faults I hear is not voicing the final consonant at the end of a word (door/dawn; coal/cold) which can cause confusion!

Similarly avoid swallowing the last word of a sentence (often the most important word in the entire sentence!) Exercises


To be a storyteller with an expressive voice first of all you need a sense of fun, a willingness to play with words and be creative!

There isn’t one right way to say ‘whisper’ (you could even shout it in frustration!) - It’s up to you to discover what works for each story.


Working with your voice

To be honest and say that the Voice is not an area in which I have received sustained training or coaching.  When I trained to be a drama teacher at Bretton Hall (1975) I’m sure they must have talked about the voice and how to project it so the back row could hear me without straining it so I could do a full day’s teaching five days a week.  I consider myself very lucky that my voice has developed into the warm, rich, highly attractive one that it is!

I’ll share what I know and some of the exercises I use during choral Verse / Readers Theatre / storytelling workshops in order to develop various aspects of the voice - projection, clarity, expressiveness and characterisation.  

One book that I had in my library before loaning it out to a budding actor (and it never came back!) was Patsy Rodenberg’s The Right To Speak. It’s very practical and is available (reference only) at the Esplanade (reserve).  On ebay it hovers around S$45,  incl UK postage)

Voice work

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If you give audiences
half a chance,
they’ll do half
your acting for you -

Kathryn Hepburn