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Thank you

for the valuable info

 and all your comments

and what you've taught us

during the workshop

- Oi Leng

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Workshop feedback


for sharing with us during the workshop (eye-opening!!!) and your very informative notes!

- Geok Ying

I have enjoyed  

your workshop;

the sessions were
vastly entertaining.
The stories were peppered
with humour

and hints of moral values.

Learning has never

been so fun-filled.

- Millie Tan


Your workshop is indeed

very practical, interesting, entertaining

(I am running out of adjectives).  

You have also followed up with your email
which contains lots of information,

Thanks so much for sharing
very generously.

I am very impressed.

- Maggie Niam

I had the privilege to facilitate the session by Ai Lin in Clementi Public Library on Saturday. She is truly a wonderful story teller, and an equally good teacher.   After having facilitated a few hundred sessions of classes taught by artists, I know that the artist and the teacher doesn’t necessarily exist as the same person.

- Joey Chin,  NLB staff

We attended and thoroughly enjoyed
Roger's Rookie Storytelling workshop.  
His ability to capture the attention and
gain rapport with his young audience
was particularly impressive.  

Our main takeaway is the importance of delivery, and the significant difference this makes for the same content - this is equally applicable for both storytelling for children and for corporate audiences.  

Roger is clearly well-versed at his craft and we highly recommend his workshops.

     - Adrian Chan & Jocelyn Ke,
Bishan workshop, March 2015