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World Storytelling Day

Join me and the members of my NLB storytelling workshop as we celebrate WSD 2015 by sharing
a jolly gallimaufry
of traditional stories
on the theme of Wishes.  

If the only tale you can think of involves wasting three wishes on a sausage, then you definitely need to upgrade
your story bank!

What would your wish be?

Wishes Wasted
& Wonderful

World Storytelling Day is officially 20th March (the Spring solstice) but storytellers around the world will celebrate it events in the week before or after. It is a day anyone can celebrate - simply by telling a story! You don’t have to belong to any club or society - just share a story with anyone who will listen.  This year’s theme is : STRONG WOMEN! performance schedule

For 2011, I organised a major celebration here as the theme was WATER, and WSD coincided with World Water Day, celebrated by the PUB. Chuah Ai Lin and Dolly Leow  helmed a programme at Lower Seletar Reservoir, while I did a performance at Sengkang Floating Wetland. In the evening, we were joined by Jeeva Raghunath at a fund-raising show for the Singapore Environment Council.



The One Wish