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I and the members of my NLB storytelling workshop  celebrated WSD 2015
by sharing
a jolly gallimaufry
of traditional stories
on the theme of Wishes.  

What would your wish be?

Wishes Wasted
& Wonderful


The One Wish

My story for WSD 2014

The theme for WSD 2014 was MONSTERS and DRAGONS. I recorded this story for a WSD project in the Netherlands. (See feedback)

I also presented it bi-lingually (in Mandarin & English) with the help of three Yr4 students at the Australian International School, as part of their Mother Tongue Week. The Dragon and one Narrator spoke in Mandarin; the Carp and the second Narrator in English.

If you’d like a copy of the text (which largely avoids literal translation: for mono-lingual audience members, the narrative is clear from the action) email me

“Last year on World Storytelling Day we enjoyed your story on ‘how to become a dragon’. Even though you were not ‘live’ but on video, the audience applauded!” - Fred uit het Broek, Netherlands 2015