Back on the road again!

BHUFESTO 2023: I am delighted to be participating in Bhubaneswar’s storytelling festival (13 – 17 January).

This will be my first time in this city, and I am looking forward to meeting up with my fellow international tellers Ariyo Zidni (from Jakarta, and an active member of FEAST from the very beginning) and Antonio Rocha (from the USA) who I first met years ago at the Singapore International Storytelling Festival when I was still very much in transition from actor to teller. The fact that Antonio so enjoyed one of my stories that he asked for permission to retell it (in his own unique way – and of course, I agreed.) It was a huge boost for my confidence. i am also looking forward to meeting Marion Kenny (UK) about whom I have so many good things.

Coincidentally I renewed my passport last month, so this seems a most propitious beginning to the new year – and I hope to be ‘hopping’ (it being the year of the Rabbit later this month) back to India in March . . .

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