Telling With Adults

Whether you want to share stories in your classroom, or in your home around the dining table, or with your colleagues or customers, I'd love to enable you to become more effective and engaging

Storytelling for ADULTS?


It's a reaction that storytellers encounter all too often, unfortunately!

But yes, absolutely - we are sharing and listening to stories all the time.

Business is all about story - branding, sales, values, teamwork, excellence, customer service - are all the stuff of stories.

Healthcare professionals frequently use stories - often the first step to healing is to be able to talk about what it is that is troubling you. 

Politics is all about crafting a narrative that explains a policy (why we need to tax you on this!) or which makes your vision of the future not only more appealing than the other parties' but also more likely to become a reality.

And of course, when a case goes to trial it's the lawyer who tells the best (most convincing) story who wins

Let me address three very different applications of storytelling - in education, in the home and within an organisation.


A few days later


Storytelling is a fantastic way to bond with your child, to share values and your family history.

It's a great way to develop their language ad communication skills while stimulating their imagination.


Why do strong leaders tell stories?

They engage 

How you can help your class/your kids to tell a story.

In this 6-minute extract, I talk about story choice and the pros & cons of fables and folktales. A clip from my rhythmical/rhyming version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears is annotated to highlight different aspects of telling a story that can help to make it come alive.


The full video is available for viewing on the Story Stream 

STEP 4: 

The Dry Run


Now Grace and I are in a room where we can see the stage,