Roger's AudioBook Narration Catalogue

Nine titles and counting!

Storytel opened an office here in Singapore in April 2019. This was reported in the Straits Times and, sensing an opportunity, I emailed the reporter asking to be put in touch with them.

I sent the country manager a demo of 3 mp3s and she responded promptly, inviting me to narrate Dennis Bloodworth’s The Reporter’s Notebook. It’s a big, beautifully-written book, full of challenging vocabulary and scores of names of SE Asian politicians, generals, dictators and battles. At almost 15 hours recorded length, it’s my longest audio-book to date.

I love the challenge of recording a complete book - spending four hours at a time in the recording studio demands a lot of discipline and vocal energy to help you vary the rhythm while you find a range of character voices (and keep them consistent!)

And unlike voice-overs and commercials, I believe these recordings do perform a valuable service and will endure much longer.

I particularly enjoy the first person narratives which allow for more dramatic and expressive reading!

I feel blessed that Storytel has asked me to do such a variety of books: non-fiction, as well as adult, young adult, sci-fi, and a children’s title.

Dennis Bloodworth's THE REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK is fascinating insight into the life of a frontline foreign correspondent - how do you interview Lee Kuan Yew? The art of asking questions and capturing details.

18 WALLS is Young Adult fiction set in a dystopian future, very specifically in Singapore by Teo Xue Shen.  A first-person narrative which was great fun to read, and with lots of fights with genetically mutated creatures, were exciting to voice! 

Unlike CSI on television, CRIME SCENE ASIA presents real cases that require patient scientific and detective work to solve. Several high profile murder cases which Singaporeans will be familiar with.

COLD BLOODED MURDERS focusses on two cases from 1965 Singapore: an almost perfect murder (The Trial of Sunny Ang) and Pulau Senang, the experiment that failed (to rehabilitate secret society gangsters by establishing a constructive penal colony on the island) This incredible story was featured in Series 3 of True Files

Written for 7 - 10+yrs, FREDDIE THE EAGER FUNDRAISER is a fun first person narrative of an older sibling trying to raise money for earthquake relief in Nepal. It's easy to listen to and offers lots of opportunity for discussion about social responsibility and fairplay (in families and on the football field!)

THE BRIGADIER'S DAUGHTER centres on a romance of taboo teen love that switches between merdeka Malaya then and Singapore now.  Reading some graphic sex scenes was a new experience, especially with the sound engineer chuckling in my headset!


Arcadia is a 16yr heroine with amazing observational skills that would rival Sherlock. This well-written  and highly literate young adult fiction (that should also engage adults) is the first in a trilogy.

The second and thirds instalments of the trilogy continue in the same exciting vein with Arcadia venturing through a maze of confusing clues as she endeavours to track who is chasing who - and to what is her role in the whole murderous mystery?

A hugely enjoyable read and strongly recommended for young adults who are comfortable with a well written novel not afraid to deal with complex issues of nature vs nurture