Roger 's CV


Storytelling Festivals: Bhubaneshwar, PINKS (Penang Kids Storytelling Festival) 398.2 (Singapore) and Yogyakarta
● Community events: National Familes Week, Cheng San CC (Mental Health Awareness day); Punggol Regional library: storytelling iwth members of the Nepali community;
●  Enabling Lives Festival: tandem story performance with Gophi Nathan @ the Enabling Village.
National Gallery: interactive storytelling event for 40 kids , with musician + 2 actors
Alliance Francaise – bil-lingual storytelling commission;
Audio Description for Gateway (The Happy hour), SRT (Midsummer Night’s Dream; 2.22 A Ghost Atory) and Wild Rice (Hotel)
Stories With Stuff – Zhenghua Primary & ITE Central (customised for Early Childhood students)
Australian International School incursions – Poetry writing (Yr6) and Storytelling (Yr3)
Eton House Sentosa (pre-school): story/drama woprkshops
A-to-See Storytelling for pre-schools – 5 shows
Timeless Tales – for Pimary & Secondary story performances


National Gallery – performances related to indivdiual paitings (10 sessions)
A-T0-See Storytelling for pre-school on zoom – 13 performances
Timeless Tales (zoom) 8 performances on Racial Harmony, for 17 – 19 yr olds)
Read, Write Tell – creative writing programme (9 hrs) for kids 9-12 from socially disadvantaged backgrounds
Storytelling for Leaders – Google International Managers corporate workshop
● Singapore Writers Festival -commission to tell 44 Cemetery Rd, a ghost story
SEP Grant project: Production of nine story videos told bi-lingually, working with fellow tellers speaking Malay, Mandarin and Tamil)
●  Teacher Traning: stories for character Education (Red Swastika)
Leading Plot Luck, the story improv group of the Federation of Asian Storytellers 
Lycian Way tour – co-ordinated the storytelling programme by 15 international tellers in historic cultural sites of Roman/Greek amphitheatres, Turkey.


2020- present 
Roger Jenkins Storyteller (sole proprietor)
2008 – 2019
Director, Roger Jenkins Pte Ltd
1995 – 2007
Artistic Director, Dramaplus Arts Ltd
1992 – 1995
Dramaplus Arts, (sole proprietor)
1985 – 1991
Artistic Director, STARS Community Theatre
1978 – 1981 / 1982 – 1984
Drama teacher, UWCSEA
1975 – 1978
Head of Drama, Deanes School, Essex UK

1975 PGCE Drama/English specialist – Leeds university (Bretton Hall)
1974 BA Joint Hons (2.1) English/history – Liverpool University

The Mountain that Loved a Bird
with Alice (co-teller) & Ragha (musician) Alliance Francaise
The Mountain cracks
its tears form a stream
The Mountain changed
waterfall, lakes and trees planted by birds (aka the audience!!)


2022 Natya Kala Nipuna Award,
services to the promotion and development of theatre
1995 Singapore Literature Prize
for From the Belly of the Carp
1990 Friend of the Deaf


2018 – present
Founding Director (with Sheila Wee and Jeeva Raqghunath) of Federation of Asian Storytellers Ltd (FEAST)

2015 -2020  Founding Director,
398.2 Storytelling Festival, Singapore. 


(2007 – present)

Bahrain, Bangalore, Bangkok, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kolkatta, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Miri (Sarawak), Manila, Penang (PINKS – 5 times), Pune, Tabriz (Iran), Vishakapatnam (Junior Literary Festival) and Yogyakarta

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